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Feb 6, 2006 - Key West The Newspaper Reviews Craig and Zach at Boondocks

Key West The Newspaper Renames the Band - Zack Nasty

In the beginning…

At the tender age of 12, I remember my15 year old sister, Tami, having a birthday party and inviting some "older" kids over for hotdogs and burgers. She had been taking guitar lessons from a guy named Steve and he had sold her an old Harmony guitar. I was allowed to attend the party for a short time and hang out with the teenagers since I was her little brother. The music was rocking (Aerosmith, Elton John, Led Zeppelin, etc.) and there might have been a couple of beers going around. At one point, Steve picked up my sister's guitar and started playing. He was probably lousy, but I remember being blown away. Not by his playing, but by the way everyone was looking at him. Well, not everyone. I was watching the girls, and how they were looking at him! That's when I decided to be a Rock Star… or at least act like one!

Craig at the Bull and Whistle
bar in Key West, Fl. Fantasy Fest 1998

Capt. Craig with Jack Nasty playing the annual Commercial Fisherman's Seafood Festival in Key West, 2005

On August 18th, 2001,, my band, "Jack Nasty", traveled from Key West to Newburgh, NY to play the Woodstock reunion, "Spiritstock."
We left Key West Friday night and drove to Homestead, Fl and spent the night. Saturday morning we got up early and drove to Miami International Airport to meet our 7:30 flight. Not anticipating the traffic, parking, and check-in hassles, we arrived at 7:00 and were told we had missed our flight. No problem, we would just re-schedule for a later flight… 12 hours later.

Spending 12 hours at MIA can take its toll on a Key West rock band. Yes, there is plenty to eat and a bar at every turn, but at a price. We finally found a little bar with a friendly bartender and drank, discussed song lists, debated music trivia, and… drank some more. Thank God for credit cards.

We finally took off for Newark, NJ that evening and the flight was a smooth one. We arrived late in Newark, rented a van, and drove North to Upstate, NY. Our destination had been Bethel (the original site of the 1969 Woodstock concert), but due to poor planning and lack of permits the police had "closed" the town. Our new destination was Newburgh, NY about 100 miles to the east. We arrived in the teeny town of Newburgh around 1 AM and looked for the concert site for about 30 minutes. None of the locals had been told of the concerts new location, but we finally found one kid who thought he knew where it was. There were no signs of life as we turned off the main road and onto a dirt road by a campground. But, as we rounded the turn, behold, hippies! People were camped in tents and microbuses; there were campfires burning, burgers grilling, and the smell of pot wafting. Yes, this was Woodstock 2001.

We didn't get to play until the next night following bands with members from The Strawberry Alarm Clock, 1910 Fruit gum Co., Ohio Express, Lynard Skynard, Johnny Winter, Neville Bros., Dr. John, Billy Preston, and Jimmy Hendrix's Band of Gypsies. As we took the stage all the misery of travel, sleep deprivation, and lack of bathroom facilities seemed to melt away behind the smiling faces of the stoned-out freaks that had become our friends in such a short time. Peace

In 1985, Craig and Rick Jones formed the band, "Neon Max." A three piece power trio, with Craig on bass, Rick on lead guitar, and a powerhouse drummer, they recorded an all original album in Dallas, Texas. With a limited release, they showcased on Dallas' "Texas Tapes," and recorded at Dallas Sound Lab. Visit Rick Jones and Neon Max.

New Year's Eve 2004 at Sloppy Joe's ...

My year started on a high note, literally. My friend Bo Fodor from the band, The Hitchhikers called me to see if I would/could play bass guitar for him on New Year's Eve. Being dog tired from fishing every day, I wanted to know just exactly what venue we would be playing before I made a commitment to staying up late on a school night. "Sloppy Joe's" was his answer and mine was simply, "Yes." USA Today reported that the third most popular destination for New Year's Eve was Key West. The most popular bar in Key West being Sloppy Joe's. We had a blast!

Zach Nasty with Jack Nasty and Barnaby Wilde at January '07 Seafood Fest Key West. Rex Mathews on drums.




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