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A fisherman’s life is a special one indeed. Now, I don’t want to give off any bad vibes about a fisherman’s life, but believe me this is not an easy way of life. Many people look at fishermen, especially those who are in the charter industry and think, “Wow, what an easy life they live, getting to go fishing and getting paid for it.” Well, for most of us in the occupation this is far from that thought. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE what I do for a living, but I also chose this, just as in this country you have the ability to choose to do whatever you want for a living. Along with loving my occupation, comes much strife as well. Countless hours working off the water doing maintenance, engine work, fiberglass, paint, and all the other things just to keep the boat in working shape is the norm for a fisherman. As with the job also comes exceedingly more hours of “on the water” time, many of which are overnight, or in some cases days or weeks for some. A fisherman’s life is so dependent on the “unknown” such as weather, sea conditions, and water quality, that the normal “nine to five” just doesn’t work. An example, most days for myself start at 5:00am and end around 8:00pm, or later. Now this is not an everyday occurrence, but going 50 or 60 days in a row is not uncommon for me. However, with all this work, must come having some kind of home life as well.

Now they say behind every good man is a great woman, well, this is none the truer with a fisherman. The kind of woman who lives with, puts up with, and loves a fisherman is a VERY special person. The kind of love and care involved to be able to watch them leave the safety of land and go miles away in a boat for who knows how long, sometimes without communication, alone is enough, but to be able to do this day in and day out and still keep that love is something immeasurable. I commend the women of fishermen for being as strong and as dedicated to the men who for the most part love this occupation more than themselves.

I for one have an amazing woman behind me. My time at home is slim, and my work sometimes consumes me to the point that even when I am home physically, I am not there mentally. She puts up with my complaints, my aches and pains, and all the while keeping our home a home with little complaint herself. She is my anchor, keeping me grounded and confident. She does the little “stuff” that I don’t even do for myself, and that is what makes her even so much more special. I thank God everyday that I have such a wonderful woman in my life. I must say that if it were not for my wife, I definitely would not be the fisherman I am today.

My Anchor