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A Good Bite Happens Fast

by Captain Jay

Despite adverse weather conditions over the past week, we have experienced some highs and lows in the fishing. Saturday, was a sure high, as we managed to put together a stellar trip offshore, yet Friday was not. On their annual charter aboard the Outer Limits, the boys from IN usually take a 1/2 day in the afternoon and then a full day the following day. The plan of attack in the first trip was to target Sailfish as there was a stretch of beautiful blue water just to the south of KeyWest. The whole trip proved to be extremely slow as we fished with live bait for hours with only one mystery bite, then switching over to trolling ballyhoo for the last hour or so, catching just a few bonito.

Covering a lot of area, and having not seen a Sailfish the following day was met with a little more emphasis on just getting some action. I decided we would fish in a different area 15 or so miles from the prior afternoon. The day started out anchored up with a little bottom fishing. Having very little current, the boys still managed a few nice fish on the bottom and some big Bonitos on light tackle. Avid Red GrouperAfter a few hours we decided to head south and look in the bluewater which was just a mile or so south. With the good amount of East wind we had, the kite went into the air and some large pilchards hung from the clips. The bite was on in a matter of ten minutes as we were hooked up to a Sailfish. As this fish is screaming drag, a second Sailfish eats one of the baits in the kite and we are hooked up with another unfortunately jumping that fish off after a few minutes. After a great fight on 20lb spinning gear, the Sailfish was released. High fives all around, and it was back to fishing. Ten more minutes go by and we are hooked up to another which ate the kite bait. This fish was on a mission, stripping over 1/2 the line off the spool. Once the battle was won by the angler and released, two more bites ensued which we released one more Sailfish and jump off the other to go 3 out of 5.Sailfish Release

After a furious bit of action with some sails, Grant tells Cory that now it’s time for a Tuna. With a chuckle, Cory touches the reel and says that he will with them over to tuna mode. “Ask and you shall receive” as all of a sudden our baits were exploded on by Blackfin Tunas and we were instantly doubled up. These fat little balls of muscle put some work on the boy’s arms, before both fish met each other in the ice box.Grant's Blackfin


Duffy's TunaNow with a great day of fishing we headed home with heads high. These guys sure have had some good trips with us, as last time, we released a White Marlin. Another great trip, and I can’t wait to see what they will catch next year!