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By Captain Jay

A couple days ago we had the pleasure of fishing with a group of wonderful people from the “hp” corporation. This group of IT folks were set up to fish aboard three boats during an afternoon 1/2 day charter out of A&B Marina in downtown Key West. The MrZ, the Outer Limits, and the Triple Time headed out at 1:00pm to show this group an awesome day of catching. The day was a beautiful 82 degrees, full of sunshine, with the wind 12 knots straight out of the south. The seas were a decent roll, but as the day progressed, the seas started to lay down to a gorgeous slight swell. Lately the fishing has been excellent in the later part of the day with many species of pelagic fish. The gulfstream being close to the reef has brought most of the offshore species to shallower offshore waters from 100-300 feet deep.  The trip started off for the three of us very slow, as in the first 45 minutes to an hour there were very few bites. Then, almost just about 3:00 the reel fishing started. Blackfin Tuna were the first to strike, first one, then another, then another. These fish were a mixed variety with some small ones that were released, some medium, and some real big Blackfin Tunas. as well as Tunas, some nice Bonitos graced the edge of the gunwales. The best fish fish of the day came from the Mr Z. Master angler Dan bested a monster 7 foot Sailfish, working against this majestic creature with the experience of a pro, and great coaching by captain Curly and mate Steve. With the GoPro capturing this epic catch, Steve and the crew got great footage of Dan’s memorable fight.

While Dan was fighting his Sailfish, the Triple Time and the Outer Limits were still busy winding in more Tunas. Nearing the end of the trip the Triple Time hooked a very nice Wahoo around 25 pounds. Just as the they were catching the Wahoo, the Outer Limits finished off the day with a beautiful Dolphin for Karen from Virginia. All together the “hp” group had a wonderful day and a very memorable trip and another special memory was added to Key West’s numerous portfolio of amazing days.

Blackfin Tuna 1-11-14