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A Happy Birthday Indeed

You’ve gotta love it when a plan comes together. On a recent rip aboard the Outer Limits, angler Dave Saladino, from Venice, FL, celebrated his birthday in Key West. Along with his girlfriend Katie, the two had a great morning fishing at the “end of the bar”. The day started out a bit on the slow side with some Bonito and Barracuda action, but we were really targeting Wahoo or Tuna. Working the depths between 120 and 250 feet of water, we finally got what we came for as the down rigger went off like a stick of dynamite and the drag peeled out. After a great job by Dave handling the fish, Cory put the gaff into a nice Wahoo. Catching Wahoo on light tackle is always a blast and is sure to put your arms to work.Dave's Wahoo

Once on ice, we quickly went back to working the same depths hoping for another good bite like the last. The bite we were looking for got even better as soon enough the long rigger had a big Sailfish slashing at the Ballyhoo. As the line came tight this fish decided to take Dave for a ride, screaming off no less than 200 yards of line. While the majestic fish went airborne numerous times, Dave made sure to keep a good bend in the rod ensuring that the fish stayed connected. As the Sailfish came close we were able to get some great shots boat side, and the fish was given a healthy release in hopes that somebody else will get the same great experience once again. Celebrating your birthday in Key West is great, but getting world class fishing all the while is priceless. Great job Dave and Katie, and Happy Birthday!!

Birthday Sailfish