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Cullen and Scott Snapper fishing        Every year right around the first of August, Scott and Cullen come down to Key West from Tampa to have a father son vacation. Fishing on the Outer Limits is usually part of the activities. With the offshore fishing being hit or miss, we opted for a 1/2 day reef  and wreck fishing. It was a great call as the offshore was a bit slow this day. The reef was alive with Grey (Mangrove) Snapper and Yellowtail Snapper, Bonitos, Mackerels, ect.. Catching these fish was nothing short of as soon as you could get a bait out. While the action was fast, the fish piled up and soon we had our limit. Next, we decided to hit a wreck that was a mile or so away, Hefty Amberjacks were the first to strike and put father and son to the test. With screaming drag all they could do was hold on for the ride. After boating a handful of these brutes we called it a day.Cullen with a Shark bitten AJ

“Jaws” Awaits

The next afternoon was a different story. Scott’s brother Shawn had arrived in Key West and along with his son and daughter had accompanied Scott and Cullen for another 1/2 day. Our plan was to try for Amberjacks again. Unfortunately we were too late. Some big sharks had shown up to the party and ate every fish we hooked. After loosing a few fish we decided to run to another close wreck and give it a try. Smaller AJ’s were abundant and we caught quite few on vertical jigs. As one of the fish was being pulled up to the boat it was followed once again by a shark. Having already had a piece of one of the shark’s previous victims we dropped it back down 50 or so feet and immediately the battle was on. Scott worked the shark for almost 30 minutes and “jaws” was boat-side. Arms tired and back stretched, Scott was worked and the shark was released. With no more pesky predators around the kids reeled in a few more AJ’s and gave thanks to mother ocean.

Here is little GoPro video you might enjoy :-)