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This has been a slightly odd year to say the least. Whether its El Nino to blame or whatever, it has been strange nonetheless. More so than anything has been the lack of Mahi-Mahi this summer in Key West waters. Generally one of our most highly abundant species offshore of the Lower Keys during the summer months, these tasty gamefish have been very few and far between this year. Yes, granted we have had a few days where we have had a decent catch one day or two here and there, but nothing even close to the norm. This lack of Dolphin offshore, has pushed many Keys captains back inshore, where better action can be had.Max-imum Snapper

“When the bluewater gets tough, the tough go to the reef!” The Outer Limits has had some great catches on the edge of the reef this summer, which has kept the rods bent and the clients very happy. Species such as Yellowtail Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, and Grouper have all been consistent visitors to our ice box. Along with these fish, others such as Cobia, Jacks, and Sharks have made appearances as well. Regardless of the weather, the reef has been quite consistent the last couple months, giving anglers fun fishing on light tackle.5 Pound Flag YT

With the autumn months approaching, and cooler temperatures ahead, the reef will be getting even more active, as more predatory fish move to shallower waters. Look forward to some great fishing in the near future!Chicago meets the Reef