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Spring and summer fishing in the Florida Keys is probably some of the best fishing in the world. Whether your game is inshore or offshore, both offer anglers with a multitude of species to target. I for one live for this time time of year. It is, in my opinion, some of the most fun and exciting bluewater fishing you can find. Multitudes of species are all within range for most boats which makes for less running time and more fishing time. For me, there is one species that is always a favorite to target; Big Mahi-MahiBully Bull

Alien Fish

For years I have always thought of Dolphin fish as some kind of ravenous alien species of fish. I’m not sure if it’s because of their vibrant colors, their voracious feeding habits, or just the true shape of the bodies (especially the bulls), but probably all of these. They are fast, strong, and without a doubt delicious. Even smaller fish can test the arms of many anglers, and are very fun to catch on light tackle. One of the largest Mahi that I have landed weighed over 60 pounds and was caught on 20lb spinning tackle. Now that was a fight! That fish also helped my Outer Limits team and I win the Dolphin Masters Invitational. Their long shape and tall body enables them to turn themselves to the side making it very hard to move these fish closer.John's 43.5lb. Bull

Though these fish can be caught year round in the Keys, the best time of year is spring and summer. Most days our boats will be out anywhere from 200 to 3000 feet of water in search of weed lines, flotsam, birds, and bait, all of which hold schools of Mahi. Many of the larger bulls and cows travel in groups of 2 or more pairs and can be found more often under Frigate birds chasing flying fish. Many methods of catching these fish can work such as live baiting, trolling, and chumming, and we usually do all three. Trolling however is one of the best methods in my opinion, mainly because you are covering plenty of ground yet still fishing the whole time. Many of the larger fish we catch come from “out of the blue”, basically not near any active spot so to speak like around a piece of debris or under birds, but just crossing paths with our baits. Many days these highly migratory species can travel as much as 30 or more miles, so every day new fish are moving through. Lit Up Bull

Make sure you are geared up for the upcoming months because the Mahi bite is going to be a great one. Give us a call 305-923-1043 and let some of the best in the business put you on some big Dolphin this summer

Captain Jay