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By Captain Jay

Spring time: Our favorite time of year. Spring and early summer is the best time to fish out of Key West. The variety of game species is more abundant than a politician’s scapegoats. Seriously friends, from Tarpon and Permit, to Sharks, Sailfish, and Marlin, Key West fishing comes alive with action. One of our favorite bites is the Blackfin Tuna bite. Usually we get a few decent runs of these meaty little balls of muscle from November to April. Scott's Big BlackfinThe later runs of these fish bring on large numbers of bigger fish that can reach as much as 30 plus pounds. The majority of these little power packs travel in decent size schools and feed very regularly around the late afternoon and evening on the large quantities of Flying Fish, Sardines, Ballyhoo, and Herring. Whether trolling, or live baiting, these fish eat baits with explosive behavior.The Table of Tuna Quite often these fish give away their position by leaving a 5 foot hole in the water after crushing a bait. Birds can help you find these schools as well. Recently the last couple weeks have been some awesome fishing for Blackfin. Just as the sun starts to decline on its evening slide the bite has been on. Many of these bites have been coming in multiples, with as many as 6 fish on at once for us. With the water temperatures holding in the high 70’s, this bite could last a few more months as well. So get down here, de-frost, and wear out your forearms with some awesome Tuna action!

Tuna Sunset