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Whether your looking for action, a reel good pull, or dinner for the table, Key West has everything for everyone right now offshore. Moderate to strong Gulfstream currents have remained tight up to the edge of the reef with it bringing a consistent blue water bite. Wahoo and Blackfin Tunas have been the main attraction for the offshore enthusiasts as well as a mix of some Mahi Mahi, Kingfish, and of course the ever present Little Tunny. The area southwest of Key West, the famous “End of the Bar” has been the place to be lately as the majority of the action has been best around the couple wrecks that lay on the bottom in this area. Many large Wahoo in upwards of 50 to 70 pounds have been caught recently with many others averaging 30 to 40 pounds. These fish are screamers so be prepared to have a sore arm after tussling with one of these line rippers.

Blackfin Jerry

Jerry Jacobson hoists a heavy Blackfin

The Blackfin tuna bite has been nothing short of awesome. The size of these fish have been a mixed bag as fish from 3 pounds to 30 pounds have been taking all sorts of different presentations regularly. Found anywhere from 120 to 300 feet of water the bite has been really great as the sun get lower in the late afternoons and evenings. Whether trolling, live baiting, or jigging, be ready for some unbelievable action. Mixed in with both the Wahoo and Tuna are a handful of Dolphin that have yet to realize their migration is off. Mostly averaging “schoolie” size, 5-10 pounds, look for these fish to be in the same areas as the Tunas. Kingfish have also been a good bet on the edge of the reef lately. As the water cools off to the north of the Florida Keys, these schooling fish migrate south for the main winter months. Look for these fish to be stationed on the reef edge in 50 to 130 feet of water. Make sure you’ve got wire leaders when fishing in their “neck of the woods” as these fish can make all your rigs disappear in a blink of an eye.

Bruce's Tuna Tango

Buce knows how to do the Tuna Tango!

Whatever it is your looking for, be it action, a trophy fish of a lifetime, or something for the grill, Key west is the place to be right now. Get Down! and Get Some!!