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Ok, as stated many times on this blog, I love a good burger. So much so, that I write these posts about great burger stops all over the lower and middle Keys. I am however, very dissatisfied with the greater 90% of all restaurant burgers here in the Keys. The reason being that the fact is most of the patty that are served are pre-made, pre-packaged, previously soaked, frozen, taste-less, pieces of what once was beef, now made to hopefully be covered up with so much lettuce, onion, pickle, cheese, ext. that you are sure to not know the difference between what is fresh ground beef or not. Sad, really, because when I started this BurgerBlog I was excited to say the least, to find some great burgers that I had never tried, and I have tried just about all of them. Truth is: unless it is stated that the burger is hand pressed, never frozen, it more than likely is not. If you happen to drive through most of Key West and the Lower Key on practically any given morning and take a good look you will notice more food distribution trucks than actual pedestrians on the streets. Companies like Sysco, Cheney Bros., GFS, and a few others, supply almost every burger slinging establishment in town. The truth is that just about every place you sit down to eat a burger its going to come from one of these food distributers. Dont get me wrong, its not like these burgers are going to stop me from having one, its just I’m pretty sure I know what I am getting. Most people don’t know the difference anyway, and even most of those don’t really care. Each and every restaurant just does something a little different in the way the patty is cooked, dressed, and served. Some are flame grilled, some fried on a flat grill, and others even baked. Take your pick.

So, this now being said, I have taken a turn in this BurgerBlog, to now focusing on the cool, unique, and somewhat diverse burger presentations in the Lower Keys. Rather than rate each place as to how the burger was cooked, dressed, presented, and all the other little things, Not anymore. Now I will hopefully show you the best of what a Cheeseburger in Paradise has become. Ok, Let’s Eat!