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Let me say this first. I love it when two great foods are combined to make an excellent dish. Example; the “El Cubano Burger”. Take a cuban mix sandwich and slap it with a burger… what you have now is, well, pretty darn tasty! I have always been a fan of the cuban mix sandwich. Ham, roast pork, swiss cheese, and pickles on great cuban bread, its a favorite among many south Florida tastebuds. And a burger, well, thats a favorite among billions of people around the globe. So when I had the chance to try the El Cubano Burger at Turtle Kraals restaurant in Key West, I took no time in diving into this recipe.the "El Cubano Burger" There truly is nothing like it, a burger patty, with ham, true roasted pulled pork, swiss cheese, on Cuban bread, and a side of the mojo au jus from the pork. This is one delightful treat. Take it from me you have to try this one!. Do yourself a favor and go upstairs to the Tower bar and have your burger as you overlook Key West Bight and the Historic Harbor Walk. It truly is a great experience only 90 miles from Cuba :-)