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by Captain Jay

Our first post for the BurgerBlog has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances involving beautiful weather and good fishing. Make no mistake I for one have been putting my time in. To start I decided to stay local to where we live in Big Coppitt Key. Thats mile marker 10 from Key West for those of you who may not have heard of it. Just to the south of US 1 down Boca Chica Rd. is a cool little spot for good food and a great view. Geiger Key Marina and Smokehouse is the place. Nestled in a quaint little corner of the ocean view, the tiki style bar and waterfront seating will take you to a place that is as local as a Conch shell. Whether traveling by land or by sea, the Smokehouse is a popular place for lunch and dinner. On Sundays they do a BBQ that is pretty lip smacking itself. But… On to the patty!!

Years ago when I first moved to the Keys, Geiger Key Marina was a tiny little gas, beer, and burger stop located oceanside in the middle of a campground. Now over changing of ownership numerous times, it has built up quite a bit and is now a true restaurant and bar (still a little marina in the middle of a campground). Back then the burger was always a good bet. Probably because it was pretty much one of the only things you could get :-). But it was all-American. You know that hot, juicy off the grill with a slice or two of American cheese dripping off the sides, and a pickle. Yep, thats the one. Now, still a very locals hangout, the Smokehouse offers a burger that is comparable to days of burgers past. The menu states, “Build Your Own burger”. They have a wide variety of toppings and accessories for your burger which should be enough to suffice anyone’s taste. I will state now that I eat here quite often and I usually get the burger. This time, like most times, I ordered it with cheddar and bacon, cooked medium, and LTO on the side.

The presentation is consistent with the atmosphere. Cool. A cheeseburger with all the fix’s, shoestring fries, and a pickle spear, on a print of old Key West newspaper. At first glance the burger was a bit small in the bun and then I realized the bun was huge, and well, dry. The LTO were very fresh and crispy. Gotta love crisp lettuce and onion. The patty was good. Cooked a minute more than my preference but still juicy and flavorful. the cheddar was hot and melted and the bacon was definitely a great addition as it was really thick and crunchy. I wouldn’t be handing out the title belt for this burger, but I will say it was good and had a very good flavor. I do have to say that the fries they serve are pretty good fries. My wife is a quite a fan.Geiger Key Marina and Smokehouse burger

First I’ll say the bun to me was a 4, a bit overboard on the bread and dry.

The LTO I’ll give a 9 on the count that they were as fresh as you can get

Cheese and bacon get an 8 for “C’mon, It’s Cheddar and Bacon!!”

And the patty gets a 6 for being slightly overcooked yet tasty and juicy

Overall, this burger I’m going to give it a 7, with an added .5 for the effect the view has on my attitude. So a 7.5 it is.

I will say that whenever you get the chance, if you have not already, make your way out to Geiger Key Marina and Smokehouse, a great place and authentic “keys” local flavor. Never know you may see us there ;-)