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Our search for the best burger in the Lower Keys continues as we visit a somewhat new establishment to the Keys cuisine; Kaya Island Eats. Located quaintly in Bay Point at mile marker 15, oceanside, Kaya’s menu boasts an infusion of caribbean, hawaiian, and Pacific island tastes. But what we are after is the Cheeseburger, and let me just say now, it’s really a good one!

This burger is one of the top burgers we have come across in the BurgerBlog. The 1/2 pound angus burger itself was seasoned and cooked to perfection, and judging by the shape, I am led to believe that it is hand pressed as well. I ordered mine with their special bourbon cheese sauce, and when you have the burger, you need to follow suit. The cheese sauce rocks this burger! Oh wait, there’s more. Just to add to this already tasty carnivorous delight, we have a pile of crispy bacon and a garlic toasted hawaiian bun that made my mouth water just looking at it. This was truly a great burger experience. The sides were no slouch as well. Served with hand cut and crispy steak fries, fresh LTO, and island coleslaw, this burger was a real treat.

Kaya Island Eats burger

In all I rate this burger to be very high on the list of top burgers in the Lower Keys and possibly all of the Keys. Get yourself to Kaya Island Eats and enjoy!

Presentation – 5

Bun – 9 (I would have been happy to eat this bun just by itself)

Patty – 9 (!/2 pound seasoned angus beef cooked just to my liking)

LTO – 7

Sides and Fries – 7

Add Bacon – 7 (oh Yeah!)

Kaya burger gets an 8