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by Captain Jay

Quite often you find good food in some very small,  or off the beaten path locations. Take the Sunset Tiki Bar for example. Located in downtown Key West right next door to A&B Marina is the El Galleon Resort and Marina at the very end of the Historic Harbor-walk on Front Street. Next to the pool, overlooking Key West Harbor is the tiki bar, offering an awesome view, and another good local hangout. If you come for a libation or for a bite or want to lay out and get some sun on one of many reclining sun chairs there is plenty of each. However, if you want to skip the bar and go directly to the source, the deli/kitchen is located next to the dock master’s office on the marina side of the property. Take out, or grab one of the couple tables on the covered patio, the Sunset Tiki has a decent menu offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner from 7am to 10pm.

The burger here I have also eaten many times. It happens to be lucky for me to be located so close to the Mr.Z and the Outer Limits. The food here is usually pretty consistent. I have had a couple times that the burger was cooked to the point of too “well done” for medium, but like I said it is consistently right. Before I get to ranking it, I will also say that this little tiny deli/kitchen can pump out some good food, very quickly. A great place for a quick snack, or a belly buster, take your pick. It has the reminiscent quality of the old Damn Good Food To Go. Which I will say now is one place I wish was still here, but anyway… The burger presentation is to-go boxed with the patty on the bottom half of the bun and all the LTO on the top half set aside with shoestring fries. I hope your hungry, or you may want to split it with someone. Though I believe these patty’s may be pre-made and pre-packaged,the patty was BIG, cooked perfectly medium, nice and pink in the center, and very juicy. The keiser roll was a little dry but not bad. it did a good job soaking up the juices. I usually oder it with Texas Toast instead of the bun, but to be consistent I stuck with the bun. The two slices of cheddar cheese dripping off the sides made it just right. The fixings were fresh and the pickle spear was deli approved. The fries are good and crispy to boot! So, all in all, I would have to say this is a pretty good burger stop. Whether its the view for you, or a grab and go, the Sunset Tiki can take care of you.Sunset Tiki Bar and Grill burger

The fixings were fresh and crispy – 8

The bun, however a little dry was good – 5 (ordered with Texas Toast is the way to go!)

Two slices of melted cheddar – 7

A juicy cooked to order patty, however pre packaged was flavorful – 7

Overall score is a solid 7

Note: the El Galleon is a marina, but does not have open slips to tie up in, so access by water is not available