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By Captain Jay

Crazy weather you say? Blizzards in the 30 or more states. some temperatures dropping below ZERO! Then, to top it all off there is piles of snow in places not ready for that kind of weather impact. Take a deep breath if this is where you live, because there is a place within a few hours flight where the weather has been nothing short of awesome. And I mean awesome! That right folks, you are just a few short hours from BLISS and abundant SUNSHINE, with temperatures consistently in the 80’s. That’s right, Key West!!

Sounds like a sales pitch huh? Well copse enough , but no closer to true than fact. It has been nothing short of fantastic this fall, and as winter comes upon us we aren’t sure what to expect. The last few winters in Key west were very mild with consistent temperatures in the 70’s-low 80’s most of the time. Now is the time to come to the Florida Keys.

Happy Anglers with a nice catch

Lots of fish, and happy locals!!

As we approach our holidays here in the beautiful Florida Keys the fishing is usually just starting to get into full winter swing. Sailfish and Blackfin Tuna are prime offshore regulars, as are Wahoo and Kingfish. The reef is abundantly rich with schools of Ballyhoo which tend to have a large predatory following. Grouper, Mutton Snapper, Barracuda, and Mackerels of all sizes come for the feast. This year however it has been warmer this time of year than some of the last few, which have brought on a change in patterns.

Offshore waters have been 79 degrees the last few weeks (which is the lowest constant temp its been) bringing about almost summer like conditions. Low pressure from the Caribbean has given way to predominate SE winds. with the warm water also are many weed lines. The consistent weed lines have brought on consistent Dolphin fishing as well. These fish are mostly in the “schoolie” to “gaffer” size, but some really nice bulls and cows have shown up lately.

Bull Mahi caught in the fall

No Bull!!

On a recent trip offshore we came across a weed line with tons of tree branches, root balls, and tree trunks. All of which were covered with large amounts of baitfish. We caught quite a few Dolphin, Wahoo, Skipjack, and Blackfin Tuna. We even had a Blue Marlin come into the spread and hit 3 different lures before deciding to leave us. All this offshore action… in December!! ‘Thats “summertime” fishing,” you say, BUT, may i remind you this is Paradise!! And Paradise has all the makings for summer in the winter.

The fishing has been a lot of fun lately. Not just the offshore, but also a ton of action on and off the reef and inshore as well. If thawing out on the beautiful waters of the Florida Keys and Key West sparks your interest, come on down. “The weather is here!! Where are you?”Key West Sailboat Sunset