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I must say, this last couple years of fishing has been quite active with Wahoo. Not only in the winter when we see them the thickest, but pretty much year round. Throughout most of this last year and a half I have seen more consistent Wahoo bites than I can ever remember. Generally speaking, the Keys usually has a “run” of fish that show up around November, and stay through the early spring. Sometimes this run is early, and sometimes late, but it usually always happens for a moth or two where the Wahoo are hanging around Key West in large numbers. Generally found anywhere from 70 to 300 feet of depth, these fish move together usually traveling Easterly in schools ranging from 2 to 1000. We have had days where literally every bait that gets put in the water is bit by a Wahoo.Katelyn's Wahoo

Screamers of the Deep

The main attraction for these “tiger striped meat missiles”  as I like to call them is not only their excellent table fare, but the shear power they possess to smoke the drag on just about any reel. The average Wahoo is one of the fastest open water fish in the Ocean, obtaining a sustained speed of over 60 miles per hour. Add that speed to a hydrodynamic streamlined body, and an attitude to boot, and, well you have one of the best gamefish in the ocean, barnone. I have an amazing respect for such fish that can rip 300 yards of line off of a 50lb outfit and then turn back and come at the boat so fast that even the Flash would be impressed. Some of the tightest drag outfits in the game today can sometimes be very little match to the initial run of a big Wahoo.Double Trouble Wahoo

And when it comes to table fare, well this is probably the whitest fish on the planet. As sashimi, which is our favorite, I believe it is the best. Being an avid fisherman and foodie all of my life I’m not the least bit shy about saying that I think it is the top of the list when it comes to raw fish. Yet however cooked it is very hard to beat as well.

So stop wasting time and get down here and “GET ‘EM”