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Hammer Time!

Wreck fishing is never what you expect.  Some days you wonder how something so big, so deep, and so loaded with life can leave you with nothing at all and other days, like today, leave you without being able to raise your arms above your head!

Jason Farrar found out why we call the Amberjacks “Hammer Jacks.”  Capt. Steve dropped a chunk of Bonita (which we caught off the wreck only moments before) down to 185 feet and we didn’t have to wait long for the big rod to bend over and start to walk away.  Jason whipped the Jack into submission in about 10 minutes with the finesse of an experienced angler.  I snapped a pic and then Capt. Steve sent the Jack back to his buddies.  We figure it is sort of like alien abduction for them.  Don’t swim toward the light!