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As funny as it sounds catching a shark while trolling is actually quite uncommon. As much fishing as we do offshore, we very rarely catch sharks while on the troll, and when we do most of the time it happens to be a Silky Shark no more than about 10 to 15 pounds. However, every once in a great while we happen to tie into a few big sharks trolling natural baits. Only a few of these times in my 15 years of fishing out of Key West have I hooked a Mako Shark.

Over the last few months, my deckhand Cory has been turning teasers out on his wood lathe, and we have been testing them out extensively onboard the Outer Limits. He also has been turning a few topwater poppers as well. By painting them and then adding resin he has made some that really catch some nice fish.Do the Mako Shako

The weather was calm 20 miles offshore, with a sky pretty much overcast all day. The Dolphin fishing has been a little slow lately, but that hasn’t deterred our clients from wanting to go give it a shot anyway. Our Texas crew was eager and ready to see what the Ocean had in store for us, which we found out was going to be unexpected. Mid morning, and still having not had a bite yet, we were visited by a very energetic Mako. First it came up on one of Cory’s bowling pin teasers, as quick as I could I tried to wind it away before the shark was able to bite it and possibly cut it off. While I wound the teaser up, Cory took a few cranks on the popper that was being trolled a few yards behind the teaser, and the 200 pound shark took no time in deciding to crush the lure. In seconds Tommy was in the chair and the long battle ensued. Thirty minutes transpired and the toothy creature was to the leader, but nowhere close to done. Once the shark got a good look at Tommy it was seconds later and the shark was a few hunted yards away. Sweating and worked, our angler finally was able to get an edge on the Shark. Mako on the leaderNow at boat side, a measurement was taken and high fives all around. Not very often do you get to catch a Mako out of Key West, and and even less often on the troll,  and on a homemade lure… Priceless!