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New Year’s Resolution

First, for my regular repeat anglers: don’t panic! I am not going anywhere.  Key West is a small town and rife with gossip.  Here’s what you really need to know.  Now, just stay with me here.   There are many tools used in the charter business.

My tools.  I have a 100-ton, multi-passenger Captains’ License and for that matter, all 13 state and federal fishing licenses that go with that.  I have insurance (just in case). I have a shiny box with Craftsman written on it, full of tools to help me make sure your trip runs smoothly and a tackle box and top of the line rods and reels so that we catch fish… which we always did and still do.  :) Now, you’re still staying with me, right?  A boat is also just a tool. So…  I recently sold one of my tools. I sold the Mr. Z!  I realized that my  most important tool (and the most valuable tool too) is what is between my ears and in my soul… Experience and heart.
Those tools you just can’t buy.