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By Capt. Jay

Two Good Looking MillersToday is Father’s Day. A one day a year holiday in June to celebrate the men who made us who we are. Thinking back on my life, my accomplishments, my failures, and all in between, have in some way or another been influenced by my father. He was there when I was born, he was there to raise me, help me, teach me, and yes, discipline me. Growing up on the southwest Florida gulf waters, I was privileged to have a father who loved the water. At the earliest age I can remember we were on the water. Whether we were boating, fishing, crabbing, clamming, oystering, snorkeling, tubing, or just walking around Stump Pass collecting shells, my father made sure we had the full experience. These experiences are the basis of my life today. My knowledge and love of the ocean, and its inhabitants were gained from the influences I learned from my Dad. I have thousands of awesome memories from the times I spent with my father. His wealth of knowledge about so many different things gave me very little chance not to learn something from him each and every day. “Thank you Dad!”Dad and I

So today as you celebrate Father’s Day, just remember all those things you may have taken for granted, that your father did to make you who you are. And hopefully you are as lucky to have as great of a Dad as mine is.

by Capt. Jay

The 2014 Yamaha Dolphin Masters Invitaional consisted of 32 teams participating in a 1 day Dolphin tournament on Memorial Day weekend. The tourney is won by the team who has the top weight of the teams 3 largest fish (aggregate). Both the Outer Limits and the Mr.Z have been fishing this event for years and back in 2010 the Outer Limits won first place with a weight of 98 lbs. which included a 60 lb. STUD of a Bull.

Jaeger's White Marlin

Jaeger’s White Marlin

This day, like most days in May, the weather for the tournament was gorgeous. Light winds laid the seas down to a ripple and the skies were as clear as they could be. Both boats took a southwest course from the marina and commenced to lines in at 7:00am. Just shortly after lines in, the Outer Limits hooked up, but not to a Mahi but a Marlin. A White Marlin to be exact. 14 years old Jaeger was on the rod and went to work immediately. Jaeger put the arms to work and a short time later the acrobatic billfish was boat side. Not bad for a birthday surprise. This was Jaeger’s first billfish release and the second White Marlin release for the Outer Limits in as many days.

Just as the Outer Limits puts their lines back into the water, the Mr.Z hooks into something big. Way too big to be a Dolphin. Were talking a 400 lb. Blue Marlin! To top it off on 30 lb. test line. Angler Mark Davis had the fight of his life as he battled this beast for 2 hours. Finally, after a tough fight the fish was to the leader and was given a healthy release.

Now back to Dolphin fishing! I don’t want to talk about having the potentially winning Bull (he was 50 lbs.), that we chased for an hour, and had numerous baits in his face, and could not get him to eat… ARRGH!!! So instead we will go to the weigh in. Both crews ended up pretty close to each other at the scales with aggregate scores in the high 50′s. Some nice Dolphin were caught by quite a number boats with many fish in the High 20′s. The top fish was a 42 lb. Bull caught by our friends on the Blue Hooker. Congrats to them. But more so, congrats to Jaeger and Mark who got to battle two world class fish and catch some nice Mahi as well!

We here at the Outer Limits and the MrZ on Memorial Day, would like to first off give our deepest gratitude to all the men and women service members, both at home and abroad, who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that all of those who live in the United States of America can live in freedom. We also would like to send out our deepest sympathy to all who have lost a friend or loved one who was in service. If you live in the USA, the rights and liberties that many people take for granted are only given to you because of those who fought and died to protect those rights and liberties. So on this day of remembrance for those fallen, as many celebrate their day off from work, or the BBQ, or whatever else they do, take some time out of your day and give thanks for those, who gave their life so that we can live as free individuals. Thank You and God Bless AmericaMemorial Day Flag

Over the last couple months the Mr. Z and the Outer Limits have been keeping our wonderful clients very happy. Offshore fishing for Sailfish, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna has been the prime target.Here are some pictures and video footage of some of the great fishing happening in Key West lately.

Dolphin smiles



May Mahi




Big Blackfin

Look out, spring is almost over and summer time is just around the corner. Unless you live in one of the many places of the world that are getting snow still at this time. Sorry about that. You should set a thaw out date and come to Key West and take advantage of some great fishing the month of May has to offer. Mahi, Marlin, Sailfish, Grouper, Snapper, and Tarpon are just a handful of names that top the list.


End of April Mahi-Mahi

End of April Mahi-Mahi

The Mahi-Mahi bite has just started to come into full swing as of the last few days. We haven’t yet seen a big push of large Bulls and Cows as of lately, but there are good numbers of schoolies offshore, mainly under birds and flotsam. Look for the bigger fish to make their annual appearance very soon. Lures and baits work well to catch these tasty fish so make sure you have plenty of both. Catching schoolie fish on spinning tackle is a blast so pull out the ultralights and have some fun.

Along with the Mahi-Mahi, we should start seeing some Blue and White Marlin as well. These powerful tackle busters are always hanging nearby schoolies, so wherever you see them there is a good chance your in for an epic battle should one appear. May is always a good month for Marlin fishing in the Keys.

There have still been a few Sailfish moving through as well as Marlin. For the next couple months Sailfish will remain scattered throughout the Keys. Their whereabouts can shock you though, because you may see one on the reef edge in 60 feet of water and another offshore in 2000 feet of water. On the same day! Targeting these fish can be done by trolling natural ballyhoo or by live bait fishing with herring, runners, pilchards, or any other baitfish…shh… they will even eat a pinfish from time to time. Twenty pound test spinning tackle is a lot of fun when it comes to catching these acrobatic artists.

Circle hooks work best for keeping most billfish from being gill or gut hooked, so do your part to help preserve billfish species.


AVID Grouper

Grouper Cheeks

May also marks the beginning of this years Grouper season in the south atlantic. This is a welcome for many of the Keys as these fish bring large numbers of bottom fishermen and women to seek after Blacks, Gags, Reds, Scamps, and many others to add to the list. Try anything from cut sardines, squid, and bonito chunks, to pinfish, grunts, runners, or my favorite; the “Speed-Oh” to put one of these white flaky fillets on the table. Areas of hard bottom with ledges and cracks are some of the best places to look for Grouper, as well as wrecks, and patch reefs. Don’t forget to bring your game, and some extra leader, as these brutes are well known fro getting anglers back into structure.

The Tarpon are biting! The last couple weeks of Tarpon fishing has been nothing short of excellent. Many of the deeper channels throughout the Keys have hungry fish. These masters of the hook-shake are not that picky at times and will turn down everything at others, so don’t be discouraged if fish are rolling around you and your not getting a bite. Remember, they are animals and they do not always eat just because there is a bait near them. Sometimes I am pretty sure they have something other than eating on the brain. Live pinfish, crabs, mullet, or pilchards work very well, as do shrimp and cut bait sometimes. Tarpon are just as much a scavenger as they are a hunter, so don’t discredit a piece of cut bait. Circle hooks are the best hooks for these fish to stay connected, and don’t forget to “bow to the king”.

May you have awesome fishing in May! We sure will!

There is limited availability in May for the Mr.Z and the Outer Limits so call now to secure your date! As always tight lines!

Captain Jay