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From Christmas through New Years is notoriously the busiest week of our year and signals the kick-off to our “Season.”  Keep in mind our season runs from Christmas to some time around Labor Day, so we get quite a few months where we almost turn away business.  The fish don’t seem to know when people are in town though and it works out great that way!

This Christmas brought our loyal repeats Todd and Heather Kramer out fishing on the 25th.  Now a Kramer holiday tradition, they brought the in-laws and Gary Johnson managed to wrangle the largest Dolphin of the bunch.  We caught several Dolphin (Mahi-mahi) proving once again that you can catch any fish at any time of year here in Key West….  or was it that it’s better to be lucky than good… ?  No matter, the Kramers have got it and we hope they continue to make our Christmas for many years to come!


The rest of our Holiday week went by like a blur.  Lots of trips, some faces were familiar and some were new, but all were pleasant and we sent them away happy, wiser, and with large bags of fillets.  Here are a couple of the more memorable catches!  We also gathered quite a bit of “Gaffcam” footage and will insert it here in the next week.  Also, look for “Gaffcam” on to get the full story!