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by Captain Jay

Can you believe it is March already? Look out your window. Is there still snow on the ground? C’mon man! Is the winter craziness ever going to end? This is one of the hardest and most brutal winter weather years most can remember. Not for us though. Aren’t you ready to thaw out? Spring is here! And by “here” I am talking about Key West. 78 to 80 degrees every day with the sunshine in full effect. Ironically all the cold fronts and pushes of high pressure have dissipated for the most part before they get this far south leaving the Florida Keys to some of the nicest winter weather I can recall. I really must say, whether you are a diver, a fisher, or just like to be a spectator, the water activities are a sure go this time of year. Being that the winds have been light and the temps high, the water from the beach out past the reef has been very warm and clear. Water temps this last week have held strong in the high 70’s and close to 80 degrees. If you are planning a spring getaway make sure you think about coming to Key West. It truly has been paradise for the last 4 months and continues its consistency day in and day out.

The Bite!

As college kids leave their respectable campuses for a much needed break and migrate southward to soak up some sun and who knows what else, the Sailfish should be doing just the same, well, minus the beer.

Spring is an awesome time of year to fish out of Key West. Sailfish, Blackfin Tuna, Mahi, Marlin, Cobia, and Kingfish are all very highly on the offshore catch list in spring. Soon the Sailfish fishing here will be as good as it always is in spring. A color change will form from the gulf stream current flow and the tidal flow together creating a sort of highway for migrating fish to move through. This highway is used by many pelagic fish and give anglers a chance to catch numerous fish of many different species. Live bait fishing with shad such as Herring or Pilchards can be the best way to attract these sought after gamefish. Kite fishing is one of our mainstays this time of year and we will be doing quite a bit of this I am certain.

The inshore game has been quite a riot as well right now. The Silver King has shown up in very large numbers this year making for what is going to shape up to be one heck of a great Tarpon season. The north side of the harbor is loaded with monster fish 125 pounds and on up to 180. This time of the year has also brought us a great Shark fishing bite right now. Many different species of sharks have been caught and released lately as the Mackerels and Jacks have been migrating inshore bringing with it a killer display of shark action. No pun intended. Blacktips, Bull sharks, Hammerheads, and Caribbean Reef sharks all round out the top of the list, but some huge Tiger sharks and even Sawfish have been caught in the last week.

With all that spring has to offer is a wonder why you haven’t already booked your trip. So much variety in such a small package, Key West truly is the “Spring Break” destination for men women and children of all ages. So once again look outside your window and tell me what you see, then take a minute to think about where you want to be. Believe me, you want to be where we are right now. Let us cater to your senses and show you the fishing trip of a lifetime. Until then, tight lines and screaming drags.

Jumpin Mahi

The Dance of the Dolphin