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The Pretty… and The Pretty Ugly

by Captain Jay

Key West shows many different faces when it comes to the weather. In the winter, like now, the weather we get is usually dictated by the north and northeast cold fronts that show their ugly little faces about every seven to ten days or so. Sometimes even sooner than that. Yet in the spring and summer the bad weather comes from 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Strong south to southeast winds push low pressure systems up from the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea and create some nasty weather. However, there are also the other times (the majority) where the weather here is so beautiful you realize why they call it “paradise”. Rather than bore you with why the weather does what it does just see for yourself with these pictures and videos. Enjoy!

My Backyard

My Backyard on the Gulfside of the Islands


Backyard Morning Sunrise

The Sunrise from My Backyard


Key West Harbor Sunset

Key West Harbor Sunsets are Breathtaking


Heading Home

Sometimes to get home you have to go into this

this storm in particular was backed with gusts of 62 knots and driving rain. From just 7 miles away from the dock it took us almost 3 hours to get home.

The Front Rolling In