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Let me just first say that April and May are pretty much my two favorite months to fish in Key West. Although every month is different and each with its own peak species, these two months provide me with some of the best bluewater action the Keys has to offer. Billfish species such as Sailfish, White Marlin, and Blue Marlin all congregate the waters on the edge of the Gulfstream current which creates a color change that happens to be located just off the reef edge this time of year.Mr.Z White Marlin This hard eastbound current brings with it an abundance of bait and many other predator species as well. Large numbers of Mahi (Dolphin fish) along with Wahoo migrate through  eating everything they can. The tuna species get in the action as Blackfin, Skipjack, and Bonitos make an everyday appearance. Whether you are a trolling fisherman or you prefer to live bait fish, these two months can be awesome for either. Not to mention all this activity brings on a good number of sharks and Cobia that cruise along the color change in route to the Gulf coast. The hard current pushing to the east is also met by a predominate wind coming from the east, also creating what we call “tailing” conditions. Tailing conditions are when the wind direction and current direction push against each other creating a hard rolling sea. When fish want to move into the current, they come to the top of the waves and cruise down the face of the waves almost like a surfboard would do. This action requires the least amount of energy to be used by the fish. Coincidentally, as they surf down the wave the back of their tail comes out of the water, hence “tailing”. This also makes these fish easier to spot, and sight casting to Mahi, Sailfish, Tunas, and Cobia is a lot of fun. The Sailfish have just shown up in the last week in pretty decent numbers. Many anglers are getting to experience the catch of theirs lives with these majestic creatures. Look forward for at least the next two months to be exceptional bluewater fishing.A Little Wahoo Action

How can it get any better than being able to catch numerous bluewater species all in the same area and all on light tackle. Well it doesn’t.