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Sand Key Sunset

The evening bite offers some gorgeous scenery as well

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. The food, the family and friends, football, and yep, the fishing! As there is so much that we here at have to be thankful for, the good fishing is no exception. Cold fronts continue to drop temperatures to below freezing in almost every state in the country, yet Key West remains with the thermometer above 70 and water temperature have remained in the high 70’s offshore.

The afternoon Tuna bite seems to be the best bet for great action now, and has been through the entire month so far. Plentiful amounts of Ballyhoo and Flying Fish have kept a constant food source for these hungry pelagics. Targeting these fish can be done with many different methods, all of which have been productive. Trolling baits such as Ballyhoo or strip baits has been a very productive method later in the day as these fish tend to feed quite extensively as the sun gets low in the sky. Many of our trips as of late have been scheduled in the afternoon so that we can target the Tuna through the evening bite. Trolling lures can work as well as bait, and generally this method works best at sunrise and sundown. Drifting or anchoring and using a method of live bait chumming with Pilchards is also a very productive method and can get these fish to feed throughout the day. Strong, fast, and agile are just some of the characteristics of these hard fighters. Medium to light tackle makes tangling with these balls of muscle an absolute blast.November Blackfin

Along with the Tuna have been the occasional Sailfish, Wahoo, and Mahi to round out the playing field. Don’t let the early cold get you down, come on down to warm weather, warm water, and hot fishing!