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We here at the Outer Limits and the MrZ on Memorial Day, would like to first off give our deepest gratitude to all the men and women service members, both at home and abroad, who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that all of those who live in the United States of America can live in freedom. We also would like to send out our deepest sympathy to all who have lost a friend or loved one who was in service. If you live in the USA, the rights and liberties that many people take for granted are only given to you because of those who fought and died to protect those rights and liberties. So on this day of remembrance for those fallen, as many celebrate their day off from work, or the BBQ, or whatever else they do, take some time out of your day and give thanks for those, who gave their life so that we can live as free individuals. Thank You and God Bless AmericaMemorial Day Flag