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By Captain Jay

Let me start out by saying Happy New Year! Wait, isn’t it already the 10th of January, right? Yes, I guess I was under a rock or something, or maybe just off the rock  ;-). Well no, not actually, we have just been working toward making 2014 one of the best. Already it has started off with a bang. Our first trip of the new year was January 2. We left the dock with husband and wife Allan and Tatiana from Moscow, Russia. Having fished offshore before, the couple had good expectations of what was going to be the target of the day. We decided rather than run to very deep water, we would start the morning fishing in 200 feet of water just southwest of Sand Key Lighthouse. The sky was clear and sunny, 78 degrees, with a light 12 knots of wind from the southeast. A beautiful morning for sure. We started trolling to the west and within ten minutes of the first bait in the water; SNAP!, the left rigger pops out of the clip. The ensuing event was incredible, as a giant Bull Dolphin immediately jumps five feet out of the water shaking his head. Allan jumps quick to the rod and begins the battle of a lifetime. With the skills of a pro, and great coaching, he settles in. Stubborn and sly the Bull uses his wide body to work against Allan any way that he can. Noticing the surrounding lobster trap bouys nearby, the fish worked hard at maneuvering himself toward them to try to cut the line, but thankfully with no avail (talk about hair standing on end for me!). After close to half an hour Allan was close to completion, but this bully wasn’t done yet. Within feet from the gaff the bull screamed off again with a drag screaming run. This time the fish was starting to show signs of fatigue and very soon we were close once again. As a good angler does, Allan gently finessed the Bull closer and Cory slipped the gaff in the perfect place. Wow! what a fish, and what a Bull! In January to catch a Dolphin is rare, and a big Bull like this is truly an anomaly. Judging the weight of the fish from atop the bridge I figured a weight of 30 pounds or so. Yeah, right, I missed that one. A whopping 43 pound Bull!!! What a great fish to start off the new year! Allan, who has fished in different places throughout the world, later told me that he had caught many Dolphin, but none even near as close to the size of this awesome bull. Great job Allan and thanks for such a great beginning to the new year!

Now with a start to the new year like that, all we can do now is hope that this is a precursor to great things for 2014. We here at KeyWestFishTales are very excited for this year and the new additions we have in store as well. We have been working on a few new things for this year that I am sure will be as exciting for our clients as they are for us.

Allan's Big Bull

More To Come

This year we will be introducing the addition to our new inshore vessel giving our clients even more opportunity and availability to fish the pristine waters of Key West. Still under contraction at this time, we hope to have this boat splashing in full speed by March and even possibly by the end of February. At 24 feet long and almost 10 feet wide this vessel, built by T-Craft, will have more than enough room to accommodate our clients with much more space and comfort than any flats or bay boat. Originally designed to haul tonnage across shallow flats back in the 1970’s and 1980’s for smuggling, this vessel is more than capable of carrying anglers to remote flats and shallow water destinations to target such species as Tarpon, Shark, Permit, Snapper, and Barracuda. As we get closer to its unveiling, we will post pictures and updates of its progress. For inshore charter info feel free to contact us at 305-923-1043. You can call anytime.

Also this year will be the beginning of what will become my famous BurgerBlog. As diverse as Key West itself, there is a cheeseburger on the menu of almost every restaurant in Key West. Jimmy Buffet even wrote a hit song about his vision of a”Cheeseburger In Paradise”. I am a burger FREAK, and can boast that I have eaten a burger at almost every burger joint in the lower Keys and Key West. This will be a weekly rating and ranking of all of the best and worst burgers and burger joints in and around the island so the next time you or your friends are in town you can sink your teeth into the best. Keep up with this BurgerBlog as it will sure to be a lot of fun.

Once again we can’t wait to see what is in store for 2014 as we are very excited to have so many great things to look forward too. See you soon!!