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The Food Chain. An ideology of the hierarchy of all life on earth and how each life form feeds another in some form. Life in the ocean is a prime example of the food chain. From the tiniest plankton to the minnows, to the shad, to the… well you get the idea. All the way on up to the ocean’s number one predator; the Shark. Feared by most and enamored by all, sharks are very popular in human society. People all over the world from some of the farthest places on land from the ocean could probably tell what a shark is. Aside from the popularity on land many adventure seekers find excitement by swimming with these ultimate predators. However, if and  when you are a permanent resident to the ocean, sharks are not so popular, important, but not popular. They are the cleaners of the ocean so to speak. They weed out the sick, the slow, the old, the dying, and yes many others as well, but the job of sharks is a very important one. Truly it is survival of the fittest in the ocean. Yet, sometimes fish don’t get a chance to run for their life. Especially when that fish is connected to the end of your rod and reel.

Take this video for example. Jerry and Steve from Mass. came down for some springtime bluewater fishing on the Outer Limits. The morning started off with a bang as one of the “goggle eyes” on the kite got a bite, and Jerry was hooked up to a 7 foot Sailfish giving him and awesome fight. Then, shortly after Jerry’s release, Steve hooks up to a seven foot Hammerhead shark. Unfortunately after 15 minutes or so the Hammer got the best of our light fluorocarbon leader and back to Sailfish-ing we went. Within minutes the kite raised another Sailfish and we were again hooked up. This was a stubborn fish and gave us a great show of what a strong and acrobatic customer Sailfish are. Just as the leader comes to the rod tip the fish again makes another short run. Then all of a sudden, BOOM! A Mako shark attacks the Sailfish with such force from below that both the shark and the billfish are propelled into the air. Still attached to the line, the poor Sailfish is wound to the boat. However very wounded yet still wiggling, the Mako comes back and tries to attack the Sailfish boat side. Now, pretty much lifeless, and tailless, and knowing the inevitable, we release the Sailfish to meet its fate with destiny. All of which we were able to be prepared enough to catch on HD video with our GoPro cameras. After some short editing by yours truly, I put together this video and hope that you like it. You will definitely want to watch it in full screen if possible. Just a little perspective of what can happen when your catch of a lifetime gets eaten!