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By Capt. Jay

Two Good Looking MillersToday is Father’s Day. A one day a year holiday in June to celebrate the men who made us who we are. Thinking back on my life, my accomplishments, my failures, and all in between, have in some way or another been influenced by my father. He was there when I was born, he was there to raise me, help me, teach me, and yes, discipline me. Growing up on the southwest Florida gulf waters, I was privileged to have a father who loved the water. At the earliest age I can remember we were on the water. Whether we were boating, fishing, crabbing, clamming, oystering, snorkeling, tubing, or just walking around Stump Pass collecting shells, my father made sure we had the full experience. These experiences are the basis of my life today. My knowledge and love of the ocean, and its inhabitants were gained from the influences I learned from my Dad. I have thousands of awesome memories from the times I spent with my father. His wealth of knowledge about so many different things gave me very little chance not to learn something from him each and every day. “Thank you Dad!”Dad and I

So today as you celebrate Father’s Day, just remember all those things you may have taken for granted, that your father did to make you who you are. And hopefully you are as lucky to have as great of a Dad as mine is.