Key West Fish Tales Presents ...

An actual tale ....

Well, it had to happen eventually. I guess the
combination of brow-beating by M.J. Taylor
and the necessity of doing my taxes, before
which I will do any other task, has finally
prompted me to start writing. It’s a big step
to sit down and pretend to be a writer.
Writer’s block isn’t my problem.
Concentration, procrastination, and
distraction are my enemies. I have, actually,
too much to write about and the only fear
I have is that most of it won’t be very interesting!

An introduction is in order. M.J. Taylor is my web
. I just love saying that. She created my
website (, maintains it,
and makes sure I end up on the top, or close to it,
of every worthwhile search engine. I often imagine
her doing all of this in some sort of leather costume,
with spiked heels, and one of those black hoods with
the zipper in the mouth, feverishly typing away on an overgrown computer keyboard shaped like a church organ. However I see her, she always seems to speak to me in practical terms. Over dinner one evening she tells me, “You have so many stories…You know if you write down your stories, it will add more content to your website, and you will get higher rankings on the search engines.” Damn, there’s even a practical reason for doing this. She is the one who has been encouraging me to write. So, if you hate it, let her know. A practical web mistress. Makes me feel naughty just saying it. There’s a sort of implied domination there. And that’s all it usually takes. I’ll do anything to avoid failure or disappointment. Taxes will just have to wait. So here goes ...

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