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Where to Play and Stay in the Florida Keys

If your visit to Key West includes some time in the Florida Keys as well, know you might want some tips for what to do, where to stay and what's what in the Florida Keys above Caya Hueso.


Robbie's Pier draws a crowd every day to feed the tarpon. These large majestic silver fish - popular targets for with backcountry anglers - can grow as large as 200 lbs!

Dolphin Encounters and Interaction: Dolphin swims are one of the most popular attractions in the Keys. Numerous facilities such as Dolphins Plus in Key Largo, and the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key, offer the opportunity to swim with these intelligent creatures in capitivity. If you are interested in encountering these creatures in the wild, numerous Key West charters, such as Captain Seaweed's Dolphin Tour, take visitors to see dolphins every day. If you're interested in helping stranded marine mammals in the Florida Keys, visit Marrine Mammal Conservancy.

Real Estate

If you love fishing in the keys, sooner or later you will want to have a home here. Something on the waterfront where you can fish from your own dock perhaps? Or you might be looking for a rental. We recommend these Florida Keys Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Vacation Home Agencies:

SCUBA and Snorkeling

Buy Florida Raw Honey from the Florida Keys Orange Blossom Honey, Black Mangrove and Joewood, Palmetto, Brazilian Pepper - and other exotic varieties! Florida Honey And Bees also take care of bee removal, when needed.

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