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Captain's Blog: Key West Fishing Report - (Archives)

The Short Report - Fishing Mecca!

Every offshore fishing trip comes with the expectation of finding a floating "Mecca" of fish. Debris, weed patches, and current rips all have the potential to make your day when it comes to catching fish. Dolphin, Wahoo, Billfish, Jacks, Rainbow Runners, Triple Tails, and even Mako sharks will hang around these "Meccas." But, be prepared.

There's nothing worse than finding the area that will turn you from zero to hero and then pissing away your chances. Here's some helpful hints...

With wind, current, and the sun in your eyes, you'd hate to lose sight especially if you hook the big one and a 30 minute fight ensues. Drop your deep troll ball to at least 50 feet for Wahoo. And, slightly speed up to pull the fish off the floating object.

Many full days of fishing have been made on one floating "Mecca."

One of the Mr. Z's most interesting floating finds was the dead sperm whale in the photo on the right. (Full size image.) It was found floating offshore of Key West in 800 feet of water. Dolphin, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Jacks, and Tiger Sharks surrounded the carcass. It was amazing!

Tight lines,
Capt. Craig
Mr. Z

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