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Zachary Eric Eubank, born in Habana, just celebrated his first birthday in Key West, Florida. He and his mother, Yindra, arrived here two months ago from Cuba. Zach is one of a handful of dual citizens allowed by the U.S. to have both a Cuban passport and a United States passport.

The Birthday party was a private celebration with mostly his parents and their friends. A few youngsters were in attendance and a good time was had by all. Traditional Cuban cuisine, music, and beverages were served. He received many gifts, but his favorite toys are still his empty two-liter Pepsi bottle and an old toilet brush.

Since the party, Zach has learned to walk, ride a bike, say "no" in both languages, and dance like a drunken Ricky Martin. He left the party with a sweet three-year-old cheeca named, "Samantha," rumors abound.

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